New Store Updates, Freebie Reminders, New Health Concerns

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Hello My Faithful Blog Readers!

Had my appointment with doctor who's taking care of my kidney/tumor ... after the last MRI looks like they got it all ... I'm CANCER FREE! Of course, I still need to continue follow ups (next one in 3 months) for so far it's looking great! WOOOOHOOOO!!

Of course, I just couldn't NOT have another medical issue pop up right? I'm being sent to a hand surgeon (appt in 3 weeks) ... seems that I may have "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy" or RSD for short. I'm not happy about this at all as this is not something that can be fixed, only controlled. I've been in substantial pain for a while now (since the surgery - which may have caused this) and the primary doctor finally gave me some meds that are taking the edge off, but they are making me sooo loopy it's nuts. Worst part is that it's affecting my right hand - the designing hand!! I'm not even sure why I'm being sent to a surgeon when everything I've read says you need a neurologist ... but primary says that they know the "pathology" of the hand. *sigh* ... I'm sure I'll be adding more specialists to my list of doctors!

As you can see, there's been some changes to my blog! This is due to my opening up my own shop - DigiScrap Professional Designs. I wanted the colors & style to match the stores. Speaking of which, the grand opening is this weekend - don't miss out on the sales & specials! I've got a TON of new products uploaded ... :)

Need more incentive? Blog Readers get an extra 5% off all sale prices (on orders of $5 or more) during Grand Opening.

Coupon Code: LBC_DSPD2010

Coupon expires on March 2nd, 2010. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Also with any $10 or more purchase, you get a Free Gift! This week, it's "Absolutely Fabulous Patterns, Vol. 05," which is a $11.98 value!

There are also 3 CU Freebies in the store:

I'll be changing them out weekly - on Fridays. Yes, you have to register and I know it's a pain ... but having them in the store is less work for me, and less stress on my hand. I have to try to streamline as much as I can.

Grab the Freebie Samplers Here!

Speaking of streamlining .. I highly recommend that you join my newsletter list - that way you won't miss any freebies! Plus, subscribers will get specials deals that I won't offer elsewhere. I'll be sending them out only once a week (on Thursdays), I promise!

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Okay, it's time for me to go lay down ... before I fall down! You all take care and have a great weekend. I hope you check out the store and I'd love to hear your comments on it! And enjoy the goodies!!



MandaK said...

1. WOOHOO on the cancer free! That is so exciting and I am sooo happy for you!

2. Love the new store, what a great collection. Just made a pretty big purchase (for me lol) can't wait to play!

Babette said...

Thanks so much Amanda! Yea, I'm still dancing the happy dance!! And thanks so much for the compliments on the store ... and for the purchase! I hope you really enjoy them!!