Grand Opening!! A Coupon ... And A QP Freebie!

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I'm off to a late start ... had to package and upload a few more products to the store! Wow ... can't believe I'm actually doing this! LOL We've been so busy getting ready for today - and now we're here! Truly amazing stuff! You all have been awesome - I can't believe how many of you are cheering me on and wishing me well! Remember when you visit - there's a 25% off coupon for you! It's good for 25% off your ENTIRE first order!! Woohoo - you can't beat that!!!

I know you want to see the new store right? I'd love to know what everyone thinks! If you're curious, just follow this link!

Marianne, a designer from Digital Candy, sent me in this layout. She used my "whimsy" template - isn't it awsome?

Match Made In Heaven

Credits: Julia Fialho - Julia's Beautiful Blue Kit, Template by LB Creations - Whimsy

I haven't had time to scrap anything since this weekend ... so I'm pulling a couple out of my vault!! The first one uses a template that I made which is currently in the store. The second is my grandma again - she was such an awesome lady!!

Neon Dreams


My Grandmother, My Heart


Ohhhh ... I know you'd like some trivia today! Today is Wesley Snipes birthday! He's 45 years old. Also, did you know that today, in 1930 "The Shadow" first aired? It ran 25 years!!

Okay, okay ... I know - you guys are so nice to put up with me! I'm offering a quick page I made with Traci J's mini kit "Messy." It's a really fun kit - especially for those of you with kids! Take a look:

Love it??? Gotta have it? ((Sorry, this freebie is no longer valid - please visit my store))

Remember, please visit the store ... I'd really love to hear what you think! Thanks for being so great ... and I'll cya tomorrow!!



Heather Stokes said...

This is DARLING, and I Love the LO's you shared today. Just BEAUTIFUL!
GOOD LUCK in the new store, here's wishing you LOT'S of money...he hee

Maria said...

Thank you for your freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Kimberly said...

This is so cute. I know exactly what I'm using this for, thanks for sharing.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYFS this cool QP!!!!!!!!