Grab Bag news and a Freebie!!

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How’s everyone doing today? I’m exhausted! Wanna see why?

That's right ... I just finished uploading my VERY FIRST grab bag! Woohoo – yeah me!! Well, okay … Traci uploaded it – but you get my gist! And OMG … it’s a beauty! It’s loaded with over 90 mb’s of goodies! The value is over $20 … yours for just 2 bucks! You absolutely CAN NOT go wrong with this purchase – you will be amazed at everything that I’ve included. It’s going to be on sale until the 19th of August … you really don’t want to miss out! These are not samples, but full kits and packs of elements!! I had a blast creating and putting these together … in fact, I may have gotten carried away! I wanted to make sure there was a nice variety and in doing so, kept adding to it!!

You want it, right?! Hop over to the store, JUST FOR THE SCRAP OF IT, and get yourself one! And please, I’d love to hear comments about it!! In that way, I can plan the next one!!

Thanks to everyone who’s left me comment about the colors … I’m glad to see that folks agree with me!! Don’t know what’s up with the poll thingie – stuff just never works when you need it to!!

Hugs to everyone who has left me such lovely thanks! It makes me feel so good to read thru them … and I do read each and every one of them – you guys are the best!

Okay, I bet you guys are waiting for the next freebie overlay in the series, eh? You’ve all been very patient! Okay, here’s what I got for you today:

A delicate floral border overlay! Isn’t it too sweet? Don’t forget you can also duplicate and mirror the duplicate if you want it on both sides! Have fun and play around with it!! Like it? Want it for your own? Grab your copy HERE for the next 24 hours until I put up the next one! (((So sorry, this freebie has expired))

Alrighty … I think that’s all the news! You’ll have a GREAT day and I’ll cya tomorrow!!



Kendra said...

Thank you for the beautiful flower border! Please visit my blog - there's a freebie for you! said...

thanks again !!!! I'm loving your overlays !!!

Elaine said...

I just love these floral overlays, thanks so much.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for another beautiful overlay!

Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for the great flower border! You are just so talented!! :)

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!