It's War!!! Color War That Is!! Plus, A Cool Overlay Freebie!!!

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Well ... I have to say, Traci (my partner, my friend) is playing dirty!! I thought it had all been agreed to ... and now she goes and posts that she's not sure of my color scheme??? What gives? Now, her scheme is perfectly pretty ... but, it's just not "fun, fresh, funky" - and aren't the three F's important? And soon, we'll also have a forum and a gallery ... don't we want it to be a cool place to hang out?? Brandi, I notice ... is staying out of this little controversy! Hmmm ... well, I'll just count her on MY side!! Ha ha ... I claimed Brandi!!

Okay, so I thought it would be interesting to get everyone's opinions on this color war ... and set up a poll. Here's MY color scheme ...

Aren't those colors way cool? Wouldn't you have fun in a forum with vibrant, rich colors?? Now, in order to compare - please visit the shop and see what's currently in place, follow this link. Then, come back here and vote for your favorite!!!

I'm putting together a grab bag for the store ... and you are NOT gonna want to miss out on this one! I promise you ... it's going to be HUGE! I'm still working on it ... and keep adding to it! For $2 there is no way you could go wrong. Traci is also working on one herself ... and I've had a peak at what she's working on ---- you won't want to miss her either!

Hey, while I'm thinking about it? Anyone know where I can find some super cool commercial buttons? I've gotten a couple of packs ... but, there just doesn't seem to be too many out there! Please, if you know of any - drop me a line!

Trivia for today ... Did you know that today was the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death (1962)? And that it's also the birthday (1850) of Guy De Maupassant - one of France's best short story writers? Okay, so now you learned your "something new" for the day!

Today's freebie is part one of three overlays that I'll be offering over the next three days. You'll definitely want to make sure you get all three! This is a floral collection and they are way cool. Here's today's

Don't you love it? I'm calling it Flower Power! Kinda looks like a Peter Max poster to me!! It looks awesome on paper - and you can play around with the blend modes to really create some interesting papers! I'm going to leave these up for 24 hours then change them out - so don't waste any time! Afterwards, they will be in the shop as a single collection. So, you like it? Go get yours HERE! (((Sorry, this freebie has expired)))

Okay, that's it for now ... please vote in the poll! I want to prove to Traci that my colors are better!!!

Take care, have some fun!



AlabamaStoneThrower said...

For me, I personally like the colors that you've chosen!! They are definitely fun, fresh & funky!!

OH!! And thank you for the cool overlay...I love it!! said...

Thank you for the gift said...

I LOVE the colors go for it.

Connie said...

Thanks for this wonderful overlay!

Dawn said...

WONDERFUL overlay! Thanks so much for sharing it. And I too like your color scheme better...has some punch to it!

cherylzyx said...

cool - thank you

Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Anonymous said...

Only one day and the flower power overlay has expired? I'm so sorry as I would have loved to have it.