Hmmm .. not much going on today! Purple Template #5 Freebie!!

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Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well today. It's a quiet day here - finally! I'm working on a Halloween Kit - and I have to say, it's too cute! I'm having fun with this one ... I'm feeling like a kid with all those cute elements!! I should have it up in the shop in a couple of days.

Today I'm offering the last in the Purple Template Series - #5. Thanks to those of you who have left comments. I really love them - truly they are special and make my day - always nice to know when one is appreciated! *smiles*

Okay, here's #5

Love it? Must have it? (((Sorry, this freebie is no longer available - please in the store))

Okay guys ... enjoy the template - I'd love to see your creations! I'm going back to work!!




Andrea said...

Hey, don't get back to work just yet because you've been TAGGED on my blog. Mwaaaahhahahahaha!

Tink said...

Great template. Thank you.

HSDesigns said...

I can't wiat to see your Halloween kit. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

Ally S. said...

Lovely template!! thanks so much!