TGIF!! Next Template in Purple Series

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Hi Everyone!!

Woohooooo ... we've made thru another week! GOOOO us! *giggles* Yeah, okay ... i'm a little over the top, huh? Sue me! LOL LOL I'm truly glad this week is OVER ... and really looking forward to things just going back plain ole normal!

Many thanks to all of you who have left such terrific comments! I know I've said it before - but those comments rock and just really make my day! I was also very touched by those of you who worried about me ... you are all so special!

If you haven't gotten my COMMERCIAL Use grab bag ... you really want to hop on over to JFTSOI and get yourself one. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Boy, we've gotten a great response so far on the Designer Contest! I'm really looking forward to the contest and the great designs that are sure to come out of it! Remember, all the kits that these folks are going to create will be freebies to our community. If you haven't registered at the site yet, you'll be sure to want to in order to get these - what i"m sure will be - awesome freebies! Of course, you'll want to place your vote when the time comes in order to select our next designer!! So, come on over to the site and



Now, if you've got the designing "bug" ... why not join in on the fun? Here's the info - and I hope to hear from some of you soon!!

Today's freebie is #3 in my Purple Template Series. Remember, you have ONLY 24 hours to download this template before it gets moved to the store! Take a look:

Like it? Love it? Want it? Get yours for the next 24 hours!! ((so sorry, this freebie is no longer available - please visit my store))

Okay, that's it for me! We're going over to friend's house for dinner and cards tonight. Nothing too major planned for the rest of week-end other than doing some designing and a whole lot of uploading to the store. I hope everyone has a F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S week-end!! I'll see you all on Monday!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Babette for sharing!

Sheila said...

Thanks for another wonderful template and it is just what I need ... a 5 photo template! I'm not sure it will be the one I use ... I need to look thru all that I have, but I've got 5 photos that need a page :-).

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

by- Lizandherbabes said...

Great Template Babette! Thanks for sharing with all of us! And Good Luck with the Contest at your site- It looks to be great!!!!!!!!

Hugs ♥