Happy Friday!!! News, Updates, and an "Oohhh Baby!" QP Freebie!!

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Hmmm ... it's almost 4 am here ... what am I doing up? Well, that's a REALLY good question!! LOL I've been working on my "Oohhh Baby!" kit and I'm just so thrilled with how it's coming out! I can't wait to release it ... I really hope that everyone will love it as I do.

Another reason I'm up is because we're getting ready for NSD - we're having all sort of cool things happening at the site - included a 50% off sale that will last just 24 hours - so you definitely don't want to miss out!! The entire store - including all commercial use - will be 50% off!! How can you beat that? I really want to thank Liz for all the work she's done - she's been a God-send!! She's organized the entire hunt and done the ads! Huge (((((hugs)))))) going your way Liz!!!


We have a winner!!! Rosemade Designs won the contest!!

Everyone in the contest was a star as far as I'm concerned - it was a wonderful showing and all these ladies should be congratulated for their efforts!! Marcee (Rose Made) is already making plans for chats and special events - be sure to check in for more info!!!

*** 12 NEW DESIGNERS ***

How amazing is this?! You definitely have to come by and check it out - they are all uploading to their stores!!

Rebecca Gold’s Store

*** NSD EVENTS ***

As I mentioned, we have a few events planned - I hope to see everyone at the forum!!

See? Told you that you didn't want to miss it!! There will be so many cool things going on!

My "Truth or Dare" Chat starts at 1:00 pm EST

This should be a whole lot of fun - and more prizes!!

Oh, and Brandi is doing BINGO at 3pm EST!!

Come on over and join the fun!!

*** SITE NEWS ***

Another month, new challenges!!! I've got my 3 challenges up and going - again, if you do all three of my challenges you will earn a 50% off coupon to my store - sweet, eh? You get 20% for one, and 30% for two challenges. Here's a look at my template for the template challenge:

Don't ya like it? Free template and you can earn posting bonuses!! Whatcha waiting for? Head over to the forum!! There's many more challenges you can do as well!


*** Layout of the Week ***

Tiffcat won this week's "layout of the week" with the layout below. She's the winner of a $2.50 coupon to the store!! Woohooo ... great job!!

Isn't that sweet?


As I mentioned, I'm having a blast working on "Oohhh Baby!" - so I created a quick page for all of you!!!

Ok, not to sound boastful - but I just love it! LOL I'm only leaving this up until Monday morning ... so don't miss out!!

Oohhh Baby! Quick Page

You all have a great weekend - don't forget to come over to the forum for fun and games!!!



Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the wonderful QP!!!!!!!

Shell said...

Thanks so much!

by- Lizandherbabes said...

Awwww.. Thank you babs!!! I have loved doing this! And i am sure everyone will love the event too!! You are tooo awesome! And you know I couldn't have done it without you!! Love the QP~ and everything is going to be awesome!


JoleneCMom said...

I love the quick page, here is what I've done with it. This is my son Corbin a week after he was born, April 2007


Randje said...

Thanks so much for all your great work. I love your new baby stuff, too badI missed the first sampler. Just a small question - the QP freebie wordart reads ... sweet as can be with with your ... Isn't that one with too much?