Hump Day!! "Antiqued" Freebie Sampler

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Okay, this week has not proved to be any less stressful than last! LOL One of these days I'll catch a day where I can just breathe! LOL

I want to thank those of you who commented - some of you really touched me! I'm always very appreciative of all the thank you's and comments I receive - it really makes my day! If the following people would please send me your email addys ( and in the subject line type "Blog Thank You" ...

Nurse Patty - Shariscraps2 - Phantom31052Carmen - AquaJanna - Iowamom - Faith

I'd like to send you a link for the following element pack as a special thank you from me.

I'm thinking I may do this from time to time ... since your comments mean so much to me!!

*** CHAT NEWS ***

I'm holding an evening chat tomorrow - check it out!

The attendance gift is another part of "Just For Fun" ...

Then if you buy the mega kit (at a reduced price) or parts 4,5, &6 (since 1-3 were freebies) and post a layout, you'll get this posting gift:

I hope to see some of you guys there!!! I'm sure we'll have a blast!!

*** SALES NEWS ***

In addition, our new designer Amy has her entire store 50% off!!! And don't forget that my "OOhhh Baby!" kit is still on sale until midnight!! Get it for 30% off - post a layout and get this posting gift!!!


Today I've got a sampler for you all. I'm working on a new kit (albeit slowly) and thought I'd share a few items from it. I'm calling it "Antiqued" ...

This will be available for the next 24 hours - please don't delay in downloading.

You all have a great afternoon/evening - I hope to see you in chat tomorrow night!!!



... that LadyD! said...

We never know what you are going to do next... so to keep us on our toes, you have to run a head of the pack... maybe one day we'll run out of breath and then you can slow down... who knows!!!

Until that day comes, I'm going to say thank you for all the wonderful gifts that you give.


shariscraps2 said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks so much!

Ms. Kari said...

Ohh love this Anitqued giftie!! Thanks bunches luv!
I am SO looking forward to the chat tomorrow night. I promise to be on my best behavior.
I hope everything got fixed last night. I was worried about you being so stressed. *big hugs* You know all you have to do is call me & if there's anything I can do, I'm there for ya!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!