Contractors & Wallpaper Blues ... and Simplicity 6 Template Freebie

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Hi, how's it going? Okay so, we bought the house almost a month ago now ... and I'm still not in it! I'm stuck with contractors that are S-L-O-W and wallpaper that has now been back ordered to April 3rd!!! Yeah, okay ... so we're gonna be stuck paying for another month's rent! Two of the three wallpapers involved will be here w/in 2 weeks ... but, there's that one! Did you know that wallpaper is no longer produced in this country? It all, I was told, comes from Europe! I mean, come on ... we can't make wallpaper?? LOL

Speaking of the house - what work has been done is gorgeous! I'm so excited ... this is so definitely my dream house!! Of course, I'd be MORE excited if I could actually move in! LOL Well, no matter what - I'm having a house warming party in April! LOL

Today's DGGA is by me - it's #6 in my series of Simplicity Templates - check it out:

Like the glitter swirl? That's made with my new glitter styles - not yet released.

You can get your own copy on the forum - but hurry, it's only FREE for the next 24 hours. Afterward it goes into the store :)

((So sorry, this DGGA has expired)))

Enjoy the goodie! I'll cya laters!!