Simplicity Template #7 ... and some news!

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Hi Guys,

So, I'm a complete putz! I kinda forgot to tell you all that JFTSOI will be closing for redesign, restructuring, and general maintenance.

We'll be down for a while as we're going to completely change the look of the store - so, if you haven't done so by now - please join the yahoo group (it's on the sidebar to your right - just scroll down a bit and click to join!) so you can keep up to date! Although we're going to discontinue the DGGA's, we will giving out goodies there as well as starting up some conversations, games, etc. We're hoping to have some fun while all this work is going on! Our last day of business is the 29th ... and until then, the entire store is 50% off. And yes, this includes commercial use items! I should also add that some of my kits will NOT be coming back as I've decided to retire them. So don't miss out, stock up while you can!

Go Shopping Now!

Today's DGGA is another in my line of Simplicity Templates - #7 to be exact.

You can get yours on the forum HERE!

As always, it will remain available for the next 24 hours. Enjoy!!