Midweek Grumble ... and what the heck, a freebie too!

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*WARNING ... Major Bad Mood*

Okay, I've got a bone to chew. What is going on in our country & medical insurance/costs? Since I'm self employed, I have private health insurance and it was just recently raised to $550 a month! This is a $200 jump and I've only used it ONCE in the past year!! {Edit: I forgot to mention that is single coverage with a $5,000 deductible} So, if that wasn't bad enough ... Mike goes to pick up one of his scripts, and it's no longer covered and yeah, the cost? A measly $230! I literally work for health insurance and meds!! A good friend of mine told me yesterday that they have to drop their insurance, it's gone up to $1800 a month - that's more than their mortgage! Another friend, who is insured through work, still has to pay over $800 a month for her family's coverage. Now, how is anyone supposed to live like this? You're damned if you do, and damned if don't. If, God forbid, you end up in the hospital and you don't have any insurance you can lose everything. If you carry the insurance, you'll be lucky if you can afford to keep your house and pay your bills!

People that used to be considered "middle class" are quickly living paycheck to paycheck and praying that they will have enough money to put gas in their vehicles in order to get to work and basically work for almost nothing! Meanwhile, salaries seem to be shrinking. College degrees mean almost nothing, and we're still paying off those loans! Why, oh why is our government not doing something about this? Are we thought of as so unimportant? Isn't the role of government to take care of it's citizens? Why do we have our husbands, sons, daughters, wives, mothers and fathers oversea's risking their lives? What, precisley are they fighting for? These folks are sacrificing for us, and yet the country isn't taking care of it's citizens with basic, necessary medical coverage?

I guess I'm really stupid, but I'm just not understanding how, in the one of the worlds richest countries, this could be happening. Worse yet, I feel helpless - what can we do? Is there a politician out there that will have the guts to do something about this? They talk about it ... but I'm not convinced that anything will get done. I'm mad, disappointed, and feel even worse for those with less than I have. How are people supposed to raise their children if they have to take 2 jobs to support their household and keep their kids insured and fed?

I speak to a lot of people everyday, and everyone is being touched by this awful economy. People are losing their homes and jobs. Marriages are breaking up because of the stress of everyday living. Bankruptcy is becoming a norm. People can't find jobs; so why is outsourcing to other countries being permitted in such a large scale? We need jobs here in this country! Oh yes, the government sent out "stimulus" checks and that's supposed to do something? Everyone I know used that money to try to catch up on bills. Not that it was very much, but I guess we're supposed to fall down to our knees in gratitude. We need well paying jobs, health insurance, and the prospect of living a good life. What we have now is a country of people most of whom are overworked, stressed out, depressed, and not able to enjoy their families. What happened to the American Dream? Where did it go? What are the soldiers in Iraq fighting for?

Now, don't get me wrong ... I still think that this country is one of the best countries in the world! But, I'm afraid that our quality of life is shrinking more and more every day and to see it happening is truly upsetting! What are our children going to be left with? Already so many of us are not doing as well as our parents did economically, although many of us are more "schooled" then they were. How many kids are graduating from high school, college, and can't afford to live on their own?! How many families are trying to survive on a salary of $10 an hour and under? How many children are being told "No, we can't afford to ..." for basics?

*sigh* Okay, vent over. I'd love to hear comments/thoughts from others on this subject.

Well, if you read through all of this, I think you probably deserve a prize! So, here's a little something that I hope will make you smile today. I certainly needed something to feel good about! It's CU and hope that you can use in your projects.

((( I'm sorry, this freebie has expired)))
I hope that everyone has a good day - remember to tell the important people in your life that you love them!



Ladye said...

Well put!!!!! I think of all the money that has been spent on this dang election/hoopla, it sure would help out the common people stay afloat. I am not talking about the 'takers', I am talking about people that both parents work, leave their kids with whom ever is the cheapest, just so they have money to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

And do not get me started on the insurance proble or the high cost of electricty (I live in Texas and we have the highest amount per KWH in the nation, us the enegry capitol of the world). So until we manage to fire all those fat cats in Washington DC, they take and we have to give or go to jail. I feel sorry for my Grandkids, they will never get to have even the things their parents did.

Ok off my soapbox, but you started it...LOL

Babette said...

Yeah, I did! LOL But, in a weird, twisted way ... it makes me feel better that I'm not the only way that feels this way! :)

HSDesigns said...

I am right there with ya hun. It SUCKS....The economy is bad - my Husband owns his own construction business, but who can afford to add on or remodel their homes? Let alone BUY a home...Forget it - and the insurance is outrageous....We are killing the Earth too - and nobody cares to do anything about that either. Before too long it won't matter HOW much we pay for gas, food, housing, because the air we breather will be so tainted we ill start dropping off and since nobody can afford insurance - it is just sad and ugly. SCARY too. I fear for my Son's future.

Kim said...

Don't get me started, either, lol. Prior to my disability 7yrs ago, I worked in the health insurance field for over 25 years and hated what was happening all over....

Unfortunately while most people love their HMO's and PPO's, it is programs like these along with other managed care programs, that have created the exhorbitant costs we are seeing now as consumers.

The insurance companies don't care...the drug companies don't care...they constantly lobby congress to continue passing legislation that permit them to raise insurance and drug rates. This is done on both federal and state government levels....and the politicians don't care because it means more $ in their pockets as well.

Let's hope that with the right person taking office in January, our country's priorities will change for the better for all of us.

Thanks for the freebie!

Kimberly said...

You might not here me down there but I'm clapping. I gave you a standing ovation.

I can totally relate and I 100% AGREE with everything you said.

My husband just told me when he got home less then 20 minutes ago that 10 people got laid off and FRIDAY (this Friday!) is their last day! That gives people TWO DAYS to find other employment!!!! That STINKS!!!!

We squeak by like everyone else. God forbid my husband lost his job we'd be homeless because there is no way we can afford to live. Savings? What is Savings? We take out from what little we have in savings each month just to get by.

It's scary. Makes me want to move to Wales and live with cousins.

Thanks for putting to words what so many of us are thinking.

Kimberly (ADSD)

Babette said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - this is coverage for ME only and my deductable is $5000!!!

Beth said...

I hear you! My husband is a programmer and he is always afraid his job is going to be outsourced. We're managing right now, but who knows with the economy the way it is.

How sweet of you to give away a freebie in spite of this! Thanks so much!

Beth (ADSD)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic! What a great gift! Thank you for being so generous!

Insurance is a real problem and the cost can be astronomical. A lot of people take any kind of part-time job that allows them to pay thru a group plan which is usually cheaper.

Aunt Anne (adsd group)

Kelly said...

I hear ya! We moved 2 1/2 years ago because my programmer hubby couldn't find a job where we lived...so we moved from Western NY to Phoenix, Arizona. No family. No friends.

At least I have a good job...but yeah, my MASTER'S degree doesn't count for very much...it's a relevant degree, but there are people making what I do, in the same job, with no education. I'm not talking about those who are really, really good, and just didn't get the opportunity to go to college (life does get in the way), but those who don't do a good job and just slack off.

My A/C in my car quit last week...$1600 to fix. I paid the thing off last month, so I'm really hoping there's no more problems with it...I want it to last a couple of years. It's been a very good car.

Sorry...that was my venting...and on your blog too. I should probably go and vent on my own, eh?

... that LadyD! said...

Girl.... I'M totally feeling you that one. Even though the district I work for pays my health insurance, I still have a 800 deducticle to meet and I barely ever see the doctor. I just got the best news over the phone about my years of experience working with the university, so I might be able to afford rent, lights, cable, and GAS!!!!!! Man I can't wait to move... paying 150 in gas every week is going to make me go broke before I know it.

Thanks for speaking your mind girl!!!


nikki said...

Move to Australia... it really is the land of the free! Private health insurance is optional and about $2000 a year. If you don't have it the goverment pays, and its still excellent quality care. Virtually no-one is bankrupted by medical bills here.

Catherine said...

Yep, me too! It is the dumbest thing ever. Now, Adron has worked for his company for 9 years this fall, and they have had 3 buy-outs since he started. When he started, insurance and benefits were wonderful! Now, 2 companies later, he has had about 1/3 of his vacation days taken away, concessions they used to give are being cut dramatically, payroll is being switched from bi-weekly to the 6th and 21st (are you kidding me? not the 1st and 15th, when everything is due!), oh, and of course, insurance premiums and deductables have at least quadrupled while the amout of services covered has dropped dramatically.

Yet, somehow, they manage to turn it around and tell us how lucky he is to have a job. I swear, there is a toasty little spot in a very hot place for the people behind all of this! Who punishes someone for staying with the company? Sheesh!

At least we *do* have a job, and insurance, and a house...

Maria said...

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Patamomma said...

You are preaching to the choir hon. That's some of the best preaching though. Right now I've been gathering all our bills to prove to the education people that we can't afford to pay for my school loans. Problem is when I figure all the bills that we are about $800 short every month! So, whether they garnish my wages or put a lien on my house we are going under! I'm with you on insurance too. The thing is that everyone I know is in the same boat. We live in the economically depressed area of the Ozarks (Missouri). So, now we have to figure something out, we could sell the house if the market was better. We will most likely put it on the market anyway. Ok, I'm done. Thanks for the rant release. Thanks for the great CU goodie. patty

Tammy aka bunchie said...

I think all the money that is being spent on jet fuel for the candidates would be better used to pay for health care for at least a portion of the population! Prior to my disability I worked as an RN and often saw those who were to sick to be poor and to poor to be sick! Now our insurance is about $700 a month and that is company coverage with it too. It is suppose to go up more than 150% to save our city money (dh is retird police officer). I have renal failure but not on dialysis yet so we have to have insurance. I also have several other health problems and one medicine is $1200 so yes I must have insurance to survive. At some point I will be on dialysis or kidney donation and then Medicare will cover it but not medicine. They will cover kidney donation medication to us for two years but it is medication you have to take for life or you reject the kidney! Boy, I could go on and on. I'm glad I don't have kids to worry about raising because there is no extra money with disability check and retirement check. You put it very well and I feel our choices this election are bad and worse....no good in sight for candidates.

pressed petals said...

As I do agree with you that some things are "messed up", if you vote for Obamama things WILL get worse! Trust me. I'm all for McCain (I wish a real conservative would step up.) But Obamama scares me. Thank you so much for the freebie. Have been really wanting to start learning how to design!

JrzGrl189 said...

3 words are all I have to say... BABETTE FOR PRESIDENT

JrzGrl189 said...

oh and ty for the freebies!!!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the freebies, and I can TOTALLY agree with what you're saying! I am an Army wife so I see firsthand the husbands and wives, sons and daughters that are over there fighting for .. well .. who knows anymore? And my husband is one of them that will be going over there soon! While we don't have to pay for insurance (thank God, or else we wouldn't have it!), did you know that the majority of Army families live below poverty level? That has ALWAYS boggled my mind .. how the government can let the families of those that are giving their lives not be taken care of! I don't understand how they can let ANY of their people not be taken care of .. meanwhile we're trying to help other countries .. how about helping OURSELVES, ya know?

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Well said Babette!! I won't get started on my ranting here or I could go on all day.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Our insurance is currently $1040.00 a month and we have a $1000.00 deductible. We are being eaten alive in medical bills. My DH had surgery this year with more to come. Then my DD is in physical therapy. The only thing that is good about our insurance is the Dr. Visit. Any and every Dr. is only $20.00 per visit. Man do I understand about the not paying for the prescription. I have one too.
I don't know how anybody other than rich people can afford to do anything with their kids.

Oh thanks for the great freebie.

Cindyrelly said...

Hi Babette ;) Thank You sooo much for the lovely CU Freebies! I have so much I could say about health insurance but where to begin? Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... About all it is good for is if you per chance need to go in the hospital like I did 4 years ago with Pneumonia for a 5 day stay. On that note... Have a Great Weekend :)

Nikki said...

Gorgeous freebies!!!

as for the venting - I totally agree! This is getting absolutely ridiculous....

I was in the hospital twice last November. I did not have insurance, and I was there for a total of 2 hours between the 2 visits.

The cost? a few THOUSAND dollars!!! for 2 hours!! and the only reason i went back the second time was because they had missed diagnosing the painful problem, and just treated the easy symptoms....

I am still paying it off.

I don't have children yet, but I really don't see myself having them anytime soon simply because of the economy. I have NO CLUE how any of you do it! I can't even afford to pay my bills - which I split with my boyfriend.... how the heck can we get married and raise a family when we can't even afford to go anywhere but to work?

This country is really disgusting me right now. Yes, it is a lot better than most places, but what's the point of having all this power & technology if we don't use it to take care of our own people?!!!


done with my rant now. thanks again for the freebie!

amberbaz said...

i have chronic lyme disease and got sick about 2 and a half yrs ago. when i got sick i was in college so i was still allowed to be on my mom's policy but after 3 months of not being in classes( due to being frickin sick ugh) i got dropped from the policy. then when i tried to get on my state's public healthcare i found out that since i lived with my parents i had to use their incomes as well which put me just over the income limit to be qualified grrr. so i went almost a yr without insurance with a serious illness. my parents are in so much debt now because of the number of medical bills i incured over that period of time because i still had to go to the dr and get meds and crap. thankfully now i qualify for the state insurance and i feel so blessed because i pay 4 bucks a month to have it and all my copays are under 10. because of my lyme's i have to go 4 days a week to the hospital to get iv meds and i got the insurance breakdown of what it would cost me if i didnt have insurance and i was floored! 15,266 a month just to go for an hr and get poked! i guess instead of scrapping i should go into the health field to make some money haha. anyways, i appreciated your post!