Tragedy has stuck!

7/28/2008 06:07:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Well, tragedy has struck - my external where I keep all my products and all my paid commercial use products is not being read by windows. Mike is working on it right now, but I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm quite literally a nervous wreck. I was working on a cu freebie when everything froze and went to HE**. If Mike can't recover ... I'm going to have to pay a service to recover the data. I'm completely heart broken. Although I have some backups ... I haven't backed up in about 4-6 weeks. All my new stuff is gone - and I have many products that were "in progress." I'm totally at a loss and actually in a state of shock. All my previews and such for my newest grab bag are also gone! I'm just feeling such a sense of "loss" - it's almost quite comically ... in a weird, twisted kind of way!

So, there is no freebie today ... and I can't even show you previews of my newest grab bag. Oh, and I'm now selling at DigiScrap Warehouse as well!

As soon as I know something ... I'll post!

Take care!


DigiDandyDesigns said...

Oh no! That would be heartbreaking to lose all of your work. I just started cleaing up my drives to do a back up which needs to be done soon.

sheila said...

You and your electronic stuff have been in my thoughts all morning. I hope to hear good news soon!
I once lost all my collected fonts and know what you are describing about your feelings! And I did not make my living by them ... but there is almost a feeling of betrayl, bizarre as that sounds.
You guys will continue to be on my mind until I hear news.