Recovery Update: I spoke too soon!!

7/31/2008 05:46:00 AM Edit This 3 Comments »
So, two days later ... and the dang recovery is finished and guess what? I spoke too soon. Not only did it not recover zips or fonts, it also didn't recover actions, styles, brushes, pattern files, etc!!! Anything that is non "photo" was not recovered. I swear, this is pushing my sanity to the ends of my limit. I still, basically, can do nothing - I have no tools available to me. All of my own styles, actions, and brushes are not available to me. I feel so defeated & betrayed at this point. Ridiculous, I know ... but there you have it! We have to begin the entire process over again with a different program to get it all - and yes, it will take forever AGAIN. And I have to keep praying that during the process we have no major storms that will knock our electricity out (which we're famous for in this neighborhood!) and just screw everything up. This is entirely doing my head in!!! Have I mentioned to you all ... MAKE SURE YOU BACK EVERYTHING UP IN TRIPLES!!!

Poor Mike is, I believe, just as upset as I am ... if not more so.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive and sent me words of support and encouragement - you guys rock! At this point, I think that's what is keeping me going ... knowing that there are some super people out there!


Nadine said...


You have one other option! My husband was able to recover EVERYTHING for me after a crash by purchasing a USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter. You take out your hard drive, plug it into this adapter and then you plug the adapter into a USB port on a working computer. It makes your bad hard drive show up like an external drive and you can access everything! It's worth a try!! This adapter costs $29.99. Http:// I've saved the data from four different drives!!! I sure hope this helps!!!



Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

Oh Sweety!! *great big hugs* I hope Ya'll try Nadine's suggestion & it works. What's going to happen to the digi-world if you can't create? Super scary thought. Well, you know I have a whole bunch of your stuff, so if you need me to send anything back..just holler!!!

makeyesup said...

Hope something good happens and a miracle happens and presto everything is back. Don't pull your hair out, that hurts.