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DSW is doing it again ... and I've jumped on the band wagon! I've got over 60 items reduced down to $2 each for the next 24 hours! Hurry on over to my store and check out the fabulous deals before it's too late!

2$ Deals at DigiScrap Warehouse

Don't forget to check out my newest CU Grab Bag while you're there! (Scroll down to next post for sneak peek!))

Bab's CU Grab Bag #23

Thanks for looking!



My Own Little Corner of the World said...

Hi Babette!
Just visiting after visiting DSW and getting some of your great products for $2 - what a deal! I love your Christmas paper overlays, but I have no idea how to get the different colors of the different pictures on the paper, if that makes any sense. Like on the snowman one, how do you make the snowmen white, and the background paper a different color? If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it so much!

Caroline said...

Thanks for putting many of your products on sale.... I got a few things.... if only I were richer LOL