$2 Sale Today Only!

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Hey Guys!

It's $2 Thursday at DSW and I've my 13 new products on sale for only $2 each!!


Remember, these prices are only good for today! Hurry and grab these deals before they are gone! :)


sheila said...

I'm always looking for well-done and unique CU stuff. I love overlays and adore yours :-), but really do have quite a collection now, so for purchase, I am more interested in realistic elements (like hardware and office items), unique templates, PSP scripts (that run on version 8 and up), and I love your Grab Bags too! :-)

sheila said...

BTW, Babette, just because someone else has done something new that you were thinking about ... it does not mean that you cannot do it BETTER! :-)

Sassy Pumpkins Designs said...

I agree with Sheila, just because someone else has done something you were thinking of doesn't mean you can't do your style of it, in fact that is even better...I've seen lots of things that just one designer does and it's ok but I LOVE it when several designers try their hand at designing the same thing (for example summer beach things) as each designer's style is different and therefore will appeal to a wider range of people. I particularly love your designs, and while you make cute things they aren't too cutesty & childish, which I think is fantastic...I've got no children & therefore have no real interest in the cutesy, childish style of things. So please do go and make all those things you thought of that others have thought of too, yours will be different and will appeal to folks...honest!!

I generally only buy cu products myself unless I happen to find a kit that I absolutely MUST have for my own albums. I adore the realistic items, I love botanicals (particularly the old style botanical paintings with the flower, plant, roots, etc all in one), things you'll find when going for a walk in the country or in the woods, flowers/plants/leaves/pinecones/rocks, wildlife, pets, insects, fish, coral, seashells, and all that natural stuff. I'm always looking for shapes, patterns, styles, overlays, textures, and brushes are another obsession of mine.
I also enjoy little ecclectic packs, sort of like a mini grab bag (although I love grab bags I always prefer to know what's in them before I buy them).
Because I'm still a beginner to designing, I also love to find tutorials on how to create elements or how to work on building things, and when I can find them from the designers who's work I love, I have no problem actually paying a decent amount for them. I know there are free tuts out there but they don't always go into the detail that I'd like for them to & I do pay to join classes as well. And maybe writing up some tuts to help us new designers build our skills will allow you the creative break your brain seems to want while allowing you to still be creative gently while waiting for your designing mojo to come back with a vengence? Just a thought :)
As for PU kits, there's all kinds of children's events, hobbies, etc that you & others create, but there are far fewer kits for those of us without little ones.

Are these the types of suggestions you were looking for? Or am I being too general? I could go on and on with more suggestions lol but I've written a lot here already! Email me privately if you'd like me to go into more detail :D But don't worry about what others are doing, if you want to create something specific then do it, your's will always be unique to your particular style and if more than one designer does the same theme or even the same images, there will always be differences and this offers us shoppers more variety!

One last thing, thank you so much for all the goodies, I'll have lots of fun playing with them!

Di at Legacy4Life said...


I am desperately looking for journal spines of a high quality for heritage type kits.


MemoryKeeper said...

I am into clusters now, borders and frames. It's better than a QP because you can use it in more ways, but a cluster on the page, and you pretty much have a QP! Thanks for your great freebies!

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