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So today I have something a little different! I went shopping yesterday - Terry Maruca is having a 50% off sale - and bought a few of her actions. I just had a moment today to try out one and ... OMG I'm so excited - you gotta get this! Seriously, I'm totally in love with this action! It's called "ACTION Terry's QUICK SAVES AUTO PNG" and it works like a charm! It's super quick (something I'm always looking for) and saves right from your psd file (your choice of two different ways).

There's actually two actions in one - one that trims the element and one that leaves it on the entire page (great for anyone doing templates). I got it on sale for 50% ... and really, it would be a bargain full price. The sale runs until tomorrow night ... every designer will love this one. Ohhh and I almost forgot! It saves the Png files at 300 dpi - no need to convert them!! This is a real time saver!

Can you tell how excited I am? Could be because I've got a ton of projects in the works - all of which are in psd files ready to be turned into pngs! LOL

Seriously though, get it now ... I hear she's not going to do another sale like this. Even if you're not a designer ... this is awesome tool to have!

I've got some new stuff in the stores ... I'll be back sometime! lol