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Hey Everyone!

It's been another busy week of Doctor visits, trying to create with a messed up hand, and just life in general!  Ever feel like you're running in place and never getting to where you needed to be?!  LOL

Tomorrow is the "big" day - I see the hand surgeon again!  Yes, I'm actually EXCITED to see a surgeon  - how crazy is that?!  He's promised me a shot that supposedly will help decrease the pain until surgery is scheduled (which I suppose I'll find out tomorrow as well).  I almost don't remember what it feels like to have a functioning hand!  LOL

I did go and see the Endocrinologist this week ... and I'm on 2 new meds for diabetes - and they are making me sick as a dog!   Well, I know for sure the one is - it's called VICTOZA and it's an injectable (into your stomach) and it's not insulin but works like it or something like that.  I told him I'd try it, but if makes me sick for more than a couple of weeks ... we'll have to do something else.  I seriously don't need to add constant nausea to my list of issues, plus a couple of other nasty side effects I just read about!  I swear, I just don't think that doctor's read your entire chart before prescribing stuff!

Well, I guess you'd like to know what's new this week, eh?  On with the show!  lol



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I hope everyone has a great week!  I'm having friends over Saturday night, so that should be a lot of fun.  Thanks for stopping by!  I'll cya soon!





MandaK said...

I would love Ab. Fab Patterns Vol. 2 or vol. 4! Your stuff is great!


belle007 said...

Good luck with the hand surgeon!
Of the many different products in your shop, my favorite is The Ultimate Road Sign Collection. It's such a fun kit and would look great with travel and playground layouts.
blbll007 at aol dot com