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Hey there Everyone!  I hope you've been having a great week!  I've been anxiously awaiting the Nerve Test that's scheduled for later this morning - I really need to get this hand taken care of ... I just can't do a dang thing with my left hand!   LOL  You should see me try to eat, it's actually quite funny!  However, after a while it does get very frustrating ... especially when I have to have Mike open everything!


The weather here has been beautiful and I've had the windows opens letting fresh air into the house - amazing how stuffy a house can get during the winter months.   The cats are also thrilled to be able to sit in the windows and sun bathe!  Speaking of my cats ... I have 3 of them - Princess, Cleo, and Squeak.  The are truly my "babies" so I'm showing off a picture of them!

Aren't they adorable?  This is Cleo & Princess taking a nap.

This is Squeak ... she's the trouble maker!


The exterminator came yesterday ... it seems if you live in Virginia Beach sooner or later you'll need one!  We'd been seeing palmetto bugs (although they look like roaches to me!) coming in and I think it bothered Mike more than me!  We' only seen a couple, but that's enough for him!  Well, it turned out we had bigger problems!  There was evidence of RATS, 2 kinds of roaches, and terminates!!  We're on "high ground" so they come to us in wet weather ... well, the vacation is over!  In the end it's costing us $1600 for the first round and then $200 a year for the contract to come out every 3 months!  Apparently they have to lay down some sort of protective covering on the crawl space floor (which is just dirt i'm told) & some sort of "breathable" vents.  Then they drilled and put the stuff into the concrete, as well as spraying around the entire outside of the house.   Oh and apparently the trap door wasn't keeping any animals out ... so that needs to be replaced!  I'm just glad they have special stuff that isn't harmful to pets & children.


Oohhh - there's been a lot of talk at DST and elsewhere about crediting designers when using personal use kits & posting layouts created with them  to galleries, blogs, Facebook, etc.  I've never been one to track people down, but I've changed my TOU to reflect that I don't require credit, although as always I do appreciate when it's done.  I just want people to enjoy scrapping - it really shouldn't have to be a hassle.  I can understand CT members being required, but other than that I'm not concerned at all.  The only time you have to worry about crediting me is in publications (both printed and online); although I think they require it anyway.


Okay, time to show off the goodies!

New Releases This Week!

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So you've gotten to the end and I'm sure you'd love to know who the RAK winner is, eh?  I'm very happy to announce that the winner is:  kimeric kreations

I'll be emailing the winner in addition to posting here.  Congratulations to you!!  I was REALLY surprised how few people participated (although I guess that was good for those that did!) - is no one reading blogs anymore?


Thanks so much for visiting - I hope to "see" you again soon!  Have a super week-end and get some scrapping in if you have time!  If you design, I hope that the mojo is flowing for you! 


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Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Loving your new stuff Babette. Hope you get the news quickly and that the doctors can sort it out for you.

Lime said...

Hi -- Your cats are WONDERFUL! I can feel the heat from them being cuddled together. :)

Yes, people are still reading blogs, but it's Spring Vacation for the middle third of the country. (Next week is Spring vacation for the northern third, but last week was it for the southern third - I think.)

It just seems I get no computer time when the kids are home.

kimeric kreations said...

WOOHOO! I won!!! LMAO - I'm tickled to death here, kiddo! I've told you before....I absolutely LOVE your stuff - thanks for the PM at DST - otherwise I wouldn't have known about this quite so soon...working full time keeps me from blog hopping as much as I would like. These Embossers are wonderful! Tried them out when I got home from work last nite..and wow...they add fantastic effects to papers...and can't wait to use them on other projects! Thanks again so much! I love your kitties....we have two - Hosanna and and sister. We got them just over a year ago after we lost our beloved Sophia (SofieCat). She came into our lives on Christmas Eve of 2007 - somehow found a way into our home while we were gone..hid under the couch until she felt safe to come out, I guess. Eric named her Sophia Eve - for 'sofa' (under the couch) and Eve for the date. We took her to the her spayed and declawed...Lordy she was a great cat! 10 months later, tho...she started having trouble breathing...took her in..and she had advanced feline leukemia..and altho it broke our hearts...we had to put her 'to sleep'. We just took these two to the vet for annual shots this past weekend...Hosanna (our troublemaker) somehow got out of the pet taxi and got under the drivers seat...we had a heck of a time getting her outta there! But...its cool going to the vets office...cuz there is a photo of our SophieCat right on the desk..Eric made it up, and it has a poem about how she came into our lives - based on the "Night Before Christmas" poem. So, everytime we go, we get a pleasant reminder of our lost kitty. Funny how our pets affect our lives, huh?

Thanks again, Babette! and watch out for those Palmetto they look nasty! LOL!!!