Medical Updates & A RAK!!

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Can you guess who's really tired of doctors?  Huh, can you??  Had my appointment with the hand surgeon this morning ... he also agrees that I have severe Corporal Tunnel - gee, aren't I lucky?  Oh but it gets better!  He then tells me that he COULD give me a shot that would help take away the pain - but since I'm having the nerve test on Friday, he  can't give it to me!  So, I have to wait until next week Thursday to go back for shot and then schedule appointment for surgery!  Can we say "Frustrating!?"  Between me, Mike, and Janet (MIL) I've had (and continue to have) some sort of medical appointment about twice a week all month!  Seriously, something needs to give!!


Mike has had a sinus infection now for 6 days ... and seriously, men are such big babies!  I want him to get over this so things can get back to normal.  LOL  And I so need to get laundry done ... it's really terrible!  But it's almost near impossible to do with this hand!  Heck, everything is hard to do!  Although the meds the neurologist gave me are helping with keeping me out the "OMG" kind of pain!  LOL


Have you been to check out my new store, DigiScrap Professional Designs?  I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!  So I've been thinking ... I want to do a RAK for my blog readers!!  So -  go into my store, take a long around, and then come back here to post and let me know what you think ... and what product you'd just love to have ... then I'll pick one lucky winner (with a random number generator) to RAK them with that product!  How fun is that?  I'd really like the feedback ... and well, it's fun to RAK someone as well!  Please make sure to leave an email addy so I can notify the winner!  I'll pick the winner Friday and post it to the blog!  Good Luck everyone!!


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I'd also love to hear from you all about the types of CU products you'd like to see offered.  I would love some ideas ... the only thing out there that I'm seeing are lots of extractions ... and well, the market seem saturated with them.  Please let me know, and if I create something you suggest, you'll get that product free!!   


Okay, I think that's it for now!  LOL  I'm sure you're tired of reading by this point!  *smiles*  Don't forget to post for your chance to be rak'd!!  I'll be back friday!!





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Kimberkatt said...

Wow! I hope something gives soon regarding the medical issues! Stress on top of medical issues probably isn't helping any! Hope you feel better soon! :-)

No easy feat trying to pick just ONE of your awesome products in your shop! I browse quite frequently, wishing for my "allowance" to get here already! LOL! I'd love to get my hands on your Crushed Velvet Styles! And just about all of your Trim sets are on my wishlist! :P Thanks so much for chance to win!! :-)

Lime said...

Yes, Ever since I first heard of you, it has been in and out of the hospital -- at some point, don't you get annoyed with the doctors and the long process? That's probably just me.

Your store is humongous and has so much stuff in it, but I can't complain because it's so well organized. The biggest problem is deciding WHICH to get. :)

Good luck with your hand,

kimeric kreations said...

Hey Babette! Love the layout of your store...I don't think you should change anything except to add more products! Choosing something is NOT easy...I have some of your overlays, and use them frequently - but I DON"T have any of the 'embossers' sets, and have been wanting to try them out! So I spose that would be my choice. Take care! - Kim

Craftymumz Creations said...

GOOD MORNING Babs... I am so sorry about the carpel tunnel you are suffering from. Mine is just starting so I know the road I'm heading down is not going to be fun... Sure hope you DH gets better soon too... sometimes taking care of a DH is worse than a child! I understand that one totally!!! hehe

PICK ONE design was not easy because there are so many I would love to play with. But what I saw that really struck my fancy was the GOD'S PRESENCE - THE PAGE KIT. I'd love to have that to make layouts and greeting cards and bookmarks with. It is a beautiful set! I'd be honored to have a chance to win it.


belle007 said...

I hope both you and hubby get on the speedy road to recovery.
You have so many different products in your shop, but my favorite is The Ultimate Road Sign Collection. It's such a fun kit!

Gabby said...

first of all: wish you a fast recovery.

Your store is pretty good ! I love your products. My problem is deciding which of them I would love to have... but I think the Text-on-paths.

Thank you again for the chance to win ! Take care of you !

Lovely regards, Gabby

sheila said...

You have my sympathy for your wrist pain with the carpal tunnel problems ... I know it is very painful ... and with the "nursing duties" with your DH :-). Been there, done that.
I think the store looks great. Gotta browse some more but wanted to comment here before I forgot :-).
My fav product would be SOOOOOO hard to choose!!!!!! But among your new items, the Celtic Knots are FABULOUS and I love them!

Ute said...

Carpal tunnel is painfull... I hope you recovery well and feel better soon.

You have a great shop ! It's hard to choose one, I love them all. But Frame it Vol 5 ist my fav.

Thank you so much for this chance !