Medical Updates & Freebie Quick Pages!

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I want to give a HUGE thanks to Belle, Fl Connie, and Sheila for leaving me the lovely get well wishes - you guys rock and def. made me smile!

Humpty (yah, that's me) is doing much better a week later. My left hand is all better really (I think it was more bruised than sprained) and I've taken the plastic splint off of my ankle and seem to be walking okay on it as long as I don't push it. I haven't tried to put on shoes yet ... but I figure if I absolutely NEEDED to leave the house I could wear my slip on sneakers, right?!

My bad hand, the right one, seems to be holding it's own. Definitely not as painful, but glad that I'm seeing the hand surgeon anyway. However, now the nerve that runs the length of that arm is giving me issues and it's hard to actually lift anything with it. I'm guessing I'll have to see the neurologist again. Don't you guys LOVE hearing about my issues? LOL

Okay, let's talk about some fun things now! The Summer World Tour is still going on at Sophisti-Scraps. No one was eliminated week one - but that's all going to change from week 2 on! Remember to stop by and check out the gallery and VOTE Monday-Wednesday for your favorites! The winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to the store and I'm sure they would appreciate your votes!

Of course, to let everyone in on the fun - some quick pages have been created from the kits the contestants are using this week! "Created by Jill" created the full-size page kit that I used to create the following 2 quick pages (luckily before I took my fall!):

 These will only be available for the week of the contest - then they are gone forever!  So hurry and get yours before you miss out!  While you're there ... check out the other freebies made available by the other designers!

I want to take a moment out to talk about my newsletter and personal store.  I really haven't been able to keep up with newsletter ... so there will be a break in mailings.  I need to upload a bunch of new products and just can't see sending out the newsletter until I've done that!  LOL  So, if you haven't received one - don't worry ... you'll get one soon!

Okay, enough from me for now ... have an awesome weekend and BE SAFE!!!



sheila said...

I keep getting a blogger error ... trying one more time.
Glad to see that you are mostly improving. I'm hoping that the "newest" problem is maybe nerve bruising/pinching????
And, see, I'm NOT the only one still reading your blog! :-D

belle said...

Hope you continue on the road to recovery!