New Shop & 25% Sale!

9/02/2010 11:59:00 AM Edit This 0 Comments »
Hey all!  I've been so bad with blogging (yeah, so what's new right?) but I needed to share that I've joined Digitals! 

It's a great community and I'm really happy to be there.  I was waiting to be totally uploaded, but with as many products as I have ... it's a daunting task!  Anyway, we're having store-wide sales and my store is on sale 25% off and thought you guys might like to check it out.  Also, I have a freebie sampler listed there:

You can get the freebie HERE along with a lot of other designers samplers!  You'll have to register, but it's so worth it!

We've got an awful storm coming here in Virginia Beach ... they are predicting winds of 70+ mph.  We've got to bring the outside stuff in and get ready.  Not sure what shape we'll be in after it passes ... so I may be w/out internet!  We're okay power-wise since we have a generator; but of course we can't control our ISP and cable company!  If anyone lives in the area - be careful out there!  Cya soon!!