News, News, Layouts, and a Template Freebie!!

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Woooohoooooo – I have the BESTEST hubby in the world! Guess who’s the owner of a brand new 1000 gig My Book World II EHD?!! Yeppers, that would be ME! DH came home last night with it – sooooooo cool! Now I’ll have plenty of space for everything! I can’t wait to start organizing! Now I’ll be able to use my 500 for personal use stuff and the 1000 for commercial and business stuff – awesome!! I also have a 160 for music – my desk is mighty crowded! LOL Between those and wacom pad … maybe I need a bigger desk??

Sheila asked (in her comments) what sort of commercial, designer products I had bought. Believe or not, tons of buttons! I love buttons and Royanna Fritschmann at Divine Digitals has the most gorgeous ones! Seriously, if you need some buttons – get over there and grab them as they are on sale! Hmmm … aren’t I nice? Pushing someone else’s store? LOL LOL LOL Let’s see, I also got some cool overlays and actions. Although I make a ton of my own overlays, sometimes I just see something I must have! I also picked up some way cool glitter flowers – also on sale, although I can’t remember the store! LOL Yeah, I’m an addict … but I could be addicted to worse things, right?

Okay … now here’s part one of the exciting news I had…. Drum Roll Please …

Korib is one of the two designers that have joined our Design Team at JUST FOR THE SCRAP OF IT. Kori’s a super nice person and her designs are adorable! Come on over to the SHOP and check them out – and maybe welcome Kori too!

I’ve gotten one more Contest Layout In …

How sweet is this? I just love everything about it!!

Sarah, a CT member, also used the “Lip Smacking Delicious” mini sampler to create this one:

Isn’t she darling as well?!

I know you guys can’t wait for today’s freebie - #4 in the Red Template Series. It’s a one photo template with SIX bonus elements! I’ve included a ribbon/bow, a brad, a heart shaped button, a staple, a cross stitch, and a swirl! How fun is that? Take a look!

One of my CT members, Tracy, said I should have called this one “Class” – I think she may be right! I think it came out very pretty!! So, you like it and have to have it? Follow the to 4-shared … and remember this will only be available for 24 hours before it goes into the shop! ((so sorry, this freebie has expired - look for it in the shop))

Oh, and speaking of the 24 hour turn around – someone asked how I measured the 24 hours. It’s pretty simple … 24 hours from when I post. So, if I post at 2 pm on Sunday – it will be available until 2pm on Monday. Now, sometimes it gets left a couple more hours, but I’ve never taken it down early. All freebies are brand new items that I offer for free BEFORE I put them in the shop for sale – as such all my freebies are quality goods. But, I’m also running a business, that’s the reason for the 24 hour turn around.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I’m touched every time I read how much someone likes my designs! It’s so wonderful to know that I’ve made someone happy and have helped them create a special memory!! Definitely warm and fuzzy time!!

Back to work for me! I hope everyone has a great day!! I’ll cya tomorrow!!



Chiaretta said...

Thank so much, as said before I love your kit :) kyky

Maria said...

love your templates, I check every day your freebies now -))

Rae said...

I love your kits and templates. You are very creative. Thank you. I'm sorry I missed yesterday's. That will teach me not to look every day!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Deborah Misfit said...

I love it - I missed one yesterday couldn't get my connection to work. so I'll be shopping soon for it in the store! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh this is gorgeous Babette, and I totally agree "Class" :) Thank you.

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for answering my question and pointing me/us at Divine Digital's website. It was one that I had not found before.
I really DO appreciate you're telling us what some of YOUR tools are! Little designer secrets :-) ... Thanks again. And OF COURSE, thank you for today's template freebie!