TGIF, Layout, Store Wide 50% off Sale News, and a Template Freebie!

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Hello Everyone!!

How are you all doing? Are we all excited? It’s FRIDAY!!! I have treats for you today!! Well, besides the freebie that we’ll get to in a moment! Again, I want to thank everyone who’s commented – big huge hugs to all of you!!!

DRUM ROLL - I’d like to introduce another new designer to the team!!

Dawne is a brand new designer – but oh, sooo talented! You can check out her designs HERE!!! – I’m sure you’ll love them! She’s an awesome person and is a wonderful addition to our family!

JUST FOR THE SCRAP OF IT will be having a STORE WIDE 50% off Labor Day sale this weekend!! For three days (SAT, SUN, & MON) you can get everything in the store for half off!! How sweet is that?! You won’t want to miss this sale – I’ve even added some products to the store! I’m starting a new “line” of products – Babette’s Basics – items that you always need! Here’s a look – I started with some cardstock:

Babette’s Basics Collection – Ribbed Cardstock – Volume I

Babette’s Basics Collection – Ribbed Cardstock – Volume II

Babett’s Basics Collection – Ribbed Cardstock – Winter Cool

The first two have 12 papers each and are priced at $5 – so for 3 days you can grab these for only $2.50!!! Isn’t that an awesome deal? The Winter Cool pack includes 5 paper and is priced normally at $2 – get yours for just one buck this weekend!!

I’ll be adding to my Basics Collection all the time – so be sure to stop by the store and check it out from time to time!

Oh, and don’t forget that my “Lip Smacking Delicious” Mega kit is normally $8.50 and only $4.25 – how can pass up a chance to grab that one?! It’s loaded with 16 papers and 77 elements!!! Did you see that one? Scroll down a few posts to get a good look! If you’ve been holding off for a sale (and who doesn’t love a sale?) now is your chance to pick up all sorts of goodies!! You can check out my store HERE!!! and pick up a few things!

One of the CT members, Tracy from NZ, used my 4th template in the Red Series – check it out!

She pretty much used the template as is!! I would never have thought to do that! LOL Isn’t her extraction cool? She’s definitely the QUEEN of extractions!! If you missed this freebie – this weekend would be a great time to pick up for only 1 buck!!

Haven’t gotten in any more layouts for the contest – are you all waiting for last minute?! LOL I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!!

Okay, the 5th and final template of the Red Series – what do you think?

This one comes with SEVEN bonus elements!! You get a slightly shabby dotted paper, 1 triple stitch, 1 ribbon, 1 brad, 1 button, 1 name plate, and 1 stick pin – how cool is that? You can’t resist it, can you? You REALLY, REALLY want it, don’t you? *chuckles* I had to break this down into zip files - one for the paper alone, the other contains the template. So make sure you grab BOTH zips – and remember, you only have 24 hours before it goes into the store!!!! ((so sorry, this freebie is no longer available - please check the store))

Everyone have a GREAT weekend!! I hope to see some (heck, all!!) of you at the store this weekend – otherwise, I’ll be back on Monday – and I may just have some new stuff for you!! You’ll take care!



Audrey said...

what a cool template! thanks for being so generous!

Kim said...

Wonderful template!!! Thanks!

HSDesigns said...

Can I tell you HOW EXCITED I AM to see these basic paper packs. I ABSOLUTELY love them....FABULOUS idea. I will be using those for EVERYTHING from now on. I especially love the primary pack. WOO HOOOOOO

Chiaretta said...

Thanks so much again..and again..and again!Kyky

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Anonymous said...

Kudos, another fabulous additions Babette, thank you so very much:) Happy99

Donna said...

Just wondering if your ok I havent read any posts from you for awhile except about the contest. Everything OK?